How To Find Free Screensavers Online

A screen saver is a small utility that takes over the display screen of the monitor if there is no mouse movement or keystrokes for specified time duration. A screen saver displays constantly changing images for the reason of protecting the screen from ghosting (having an image etched on its surface).

For the older version of monochrome computers, the problem of ghosting often erupted if the same pattern of images was displayed on the screen for a long duration. The solution to this problem was the development of screensavers. Free Screensavers prevent one single image from being displayed on computer screen for long by either blinking out the screen completely or displaying different images, depending upon the screensaver selected.

Free screen saver

With the modernization of the information technology, modern display screens are free from the problem of ghosting. Therefore, in today’s time, screensavers are mostly an adornment, a source to enliven the display screen with some bright, colorful images. The entertainment provided by the wide variety of screensavers available in different designs has made it widely popular amongst the daily users of computers.

Apart from providing entertainment, screensavers are also used as a security measure to prevent any unauthorized user from accessing or viewing the screen content of the current user. They are programmed to ask for password before permitting the user to resume the work.

Free Screensavers That Rocked My World

There are various sites providing free screensavers on the Internet. These free screensavers are available in an endless number of designs and categories, like 3D screensavers, animated screensavers, and colored-patterned screensavers, etc. These sites come with a built-in gallery of free screensavers to choose from. The endless number of free screensavers provides the user the option to select a screensaver of his choice. So you see that a lively screensaver helps you relax from your hectic schedule by enlivening your screen, and at the same time it helps you protect your data from the preying eyes of an intruder.

There are many websites online that offer free screensavers for download. The question remains though, are those screensavers safe? By downloading and installing these so called free screensavers will any harm come to your computer? This is a legitimate concern, which needs to be addressed before any user even thinks about installing a free screensaver.

There are several malicious programs which can come bundled with a free screensaver. These will mainly be viruses, spyware, adware, and toolbars. There are a few variations within these programs, but in the main they are considered undesirable, unless the user specifically requests them. And out of that list, the only one that you would even consider installing would be a friendly toolbar. But more on that later.

Nearly everyone with a connection to the World Wide Web utilizes the free screensavers and wallpapers that seem to flood the net today. Pop-ups and flashing banners on your favorite websites and SPAM in your e-mail all claim to have the latest and greatest free screensavers available. But with all of the hearsay and worry about spyware and adware possibly attached to the free downloads invading your computer, just whom are you supposed to trust?The truth is simple- free screensavers and other downloads are only as good as the websites that provide them. If you choose a quality, trustworthy site that clearly states that their products are spyware and adware free, you can feel more secure about utilizing such Internet freebies. If you’re unsure about the ulterior motives of such a website, do a bit of research and see what those who downloaded their screensavers and such had to say. The best free screensaver sites will be proud to display all of their comments, both positive and negative.