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Why You Should Use Free Screensavers

Nearly everyone with a connection to the World Wide Web utilizes the free screensavers and wallpapers that seem to flood the net today. Pop-ups and flashing banners on your favorite websites and SPAM in your e-mail all claim to have the latest and greatest free screensavers available. But with all of the hearsay and worry about spyware and adware possibly attached to the free downloads invading your computer, just whom are you supposed to trust?

Free Screensaver

The truth is simple- free screensavers and other downloads are only as good as the websites that provide them. If you choose a quality, trustworthy site that clearly states that their products are spyware and adware free, you can feel more secure about utilizing such Internet freebies. If you’re unsure about the ulterior motives of such a website, do a bit of research and see what those who downloaded their screensavers and such had to say. The best free screensaver sites will be proud to display all of their comments, both positive and negative.

Now that the safety and security issue have been covered, we’re going to touch upon some of the “bonus features” for downloading free screensavers and wallpaper!

First, variety is the spice of life, especially when it’s free! Think about how many times you’ve changed your mind on tiny details that don’t matter very much, never mind the things you look at every day. Nothing spices up a boring computer screen more than a flashy new screensaver, complete with your favorite movie, celebrity, or inspirational quote to liven up your day. And since they’re free in cost, spyware and adware, you can change your mind (and your screensaver) as often as you like.

Free Screensaver

Are you a big fan of the seasons and holidays? Do you begin to wear your Christmas socks the second that Wal-Mart puts up their holiday d├ęcor? Do you put up Halloween decorations as soon as you take down your 4th of July ones? The holiday screensaver trends are here, perfectly designed for you to follow and change as you’d like to, even daily if you have the time and desire. Put up your favorite star one day, followed by a New England winter scene the next. Many screensavers are available in both home and workplace editions, and different formats and sizes to adapt to your computer.

Of course, modern technology brings us new and exciting things every day. Flash animation makes for some interesting conversation between co-workers. And you’re not limited to screensavers for your laptop and/or desktop PC, as Personal PlayStation (PSP) has it’s own variety of screensavers made especially for this compact device.

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